Industries Served

We proudly provide the highest quality service and partnerships, with customers ranging from prestigious world class OEMs to startups. By offering exclusive service unique to the industry, we are able to provide solutions for the most specialized of needs.

General Manufacturing
Morton Industries provides a wide range of manufacturing services. For general manufacturing businesses, we can offer structural tubes and guarding, in addition to other services relevant to your particular business.
Our company provides manufacturing specific to the mining industry. We can provide low volume services to fit your needs. We offer a range of services and products to fit your industry and company, including fluid conveyance, exhaust and cooling systems and components, high-temperature paint applications, and pieces such as frames and tanks. We use large diameter exhaust systems up to 12" OD.
The construction industry is one of the specialties we cater to at Morton Industries. We use high and low horse power as well as fluid conveyance. We provide exhaust and cooling systems and components, as well as frames, doors, tanks, and similar pieces. In addition, we provide class A paint capabilities. Through our versatile expertise, we can provide a range of services.
Located in Central Illinois, Morton Industries is no stranger to the agricultural community. We manufacture parts used for any agriculture equipment, big or small. Parts and services produced include: exhaust and cooling systems, fluid conveyance, and high and low horsepower parts. We also produce frames, doors, tanks, and other similar parts.
At Morton Industries, we do not only cater to private businesses. We also offer our products and services for military applications. We are ITAR compliant, and we offer CARC painting. In addition, we provide various necessary systems, components, and products needed in the military, such as exhaust systems, doors, frames, and tanks.
IT Infrastructure
Our enclosures are a perfect fit for critical IT infrastructure. We can work together to fabricate enclosures for servers, automation panels, instrumentation, telecom, and electronic equipment of any kind, large or small.
HVAC units can be subject to the harshest of conditions, so proper weather sealing and UV protection is crucial to keep components safe and operational. Available in a variety of materials, finishes, and mounting options, Morton Industries will provide your enclosure solution.
From on or off grid electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to junction boxes and everything in between, Morton Industries will work with you to ensure a final product that meets your needs.
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