Niche Metal Fabrications

Niche Metal Fabrications

Partners in Progress

Pairing the highest quality service and partnerships with prestigious world class OEMs, MI sets the world standard of excellence in U.S. manufacturing of fabricated tube assemblies, sheet metal fabrications and enclosures.

Industry Leading Service

  • Globally Competitive Prices
  • Best-In-Class Quality
  • Fast Product Launch
  • Trained, Engaged and Dedicated Workforce

The MI Advantage

Competitive Pricing Image

Competitive Pricing

By optimizing tooling costs, offering kitting options wherever possible, and focusing on the pre-production process, we maximize value to the customer.

Best-In-Class Quality

Our extensive Quality Management System and flexible sourcing strategies ensure we’re continuously achieving new benchmarks and quality standards.

Fast Product Launch

MI’s long history of rapid NPI and project integration allows us to be a go-to partner when timing is critical.

Thriving, growing, investing

MI is privately held and committed to our customers as a long-term partner. We are here to grow with you and empower you with a competitive advantage while working diligently to foster a family environment where our employees learn, grow, and showcase their talents.

Eight Decades of Service

With nearly 80 years of experience, Morton Industries understands what it takes to excel in this industry: an unwavering commitment to service, continuous investment in technology, and a focus on company culture and employee satisfaction.