Tube Fabrication

Tube Fabrication

Our tube fabrication experts carry out a range of services to fit custom needs from start to finish.

Tube Fabrication

Laser Cutting

We offer laser services that lead the industry with our three machine varieties that allow us to customize to your cutting needs.

Tube Fabrication

Sheet Metal

Our experienced team provides quality and cost-effective sheet metal fabrication according to your company's needs.


Morton Industries provides tubular product and sheet metal fabrication for small to large businesses that range from small manufacturers to large OEMs. We have become an industry leader after steady growth since our inception in 1946. Manufacturers can count on us for bending alloys, assembly and sub-assembly, laser cutting, product paint, pack-out, and similar services. Morton Industries prides itself on creating efficiency and identifying solutions, which consistently results in providing high-quality products that are cost-effective and on deadline. Morton Industries works to build relationships and satisfy customers. Contact us to discover how Morton Industries can optimize the supply chain, solve the problems, and fulfill the needs of your company.

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