Cleaning, Painting, & Coating

At Morton Industries, we have a dedicated paint department that provides a powder coat system to finish your raw product. We have a streamlined process of painting, packaging, and delivering to get each product to you efficiently and in quality shape.

Painting Options and Quality

We provide top-of-the-line painting to our customers. We achieve this through various control processes and tests. We use a salt spray validation process, we research Datapaq oven capabilities and process control, and we carry out cyclic corrosion tests. Throughout the process, we monitor the adhesion, thickness, gloss, and curing of the product for top quality.

Our painting team provides a number of painting specialties. These include:

  • Multi-metal pre-treatment
  • Spray and immersion cleaning systems
  • Etching of parts
  • Custom masking solutions
  • Powder coating in multiple colors, glosses, and textures

Expert Employees

We have a team of in-house painting experts to provide top-quality results to our customers. Also, our company works to keep our employees continuously up to date with new products and processes. We have regular meetings to ensure a quality environment and work method. We retain relationships with suppliers to ensure awareness of the latest and best products and methods. In addition, we provide in-house training for our employees to ensure the best work and to cut down on problems.

Cost Collaboration

Our goal is to provide every service in a cost-effective way. We never compromise quality yet we find ways to cut costs. These include guiding customers in creating the right products, continuously modifying as needed, retaining strong relationships with suppliers, and using new designs that provide more efficiency.

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